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Monday, November 21, 2005

The last...

Well yet another intense episode on Thursday night. Instead of going through the whole episode play by play, if you want the recap check out the recap. I want to focus this post on the upcoming news for the show and the big events in the actors lives. Big news in Peter Gallagher's life, he recently released his CD 7 days in Memphis which is available through Amazon for only $13.49. Here you can also get the various Music from The O.C. mix's. Amazon has all 5 cd's that can be purchased either seperate or together.

What is coming for the rest of the season?

Without ruining the rest of the season for anyone I just want to give you a glimpse of some things to look forward to...

Marissa struggles with ideas about her future - does she want to go to college or not? Summer has great expectations for herself which are of course shot down by none other than Taylor. Julie struggles with her alterior motives and can't decide whether to tell Kirsten about Charlotte's plan or not. Based on scenes for next week we see that someone gets hurt, rumors say that Johnny is the one that gets hit by a car and he struggles with his feelings for Marissa by pushing her away. Next month we experience my favorite time of year, Chrismukkah which I'm sure will leave us nothing but satisfied with the normal Cohen, Cooper chaotic season. Then later this season we meet Marissa's younger sister that has been at boarding school. We find that the sisters are nothing near close, and Ryan tries to play peace maker between the two. (That sounds like a role reversal to me!) There is also much drama to come as the competition for college acceptances heatens...I can't wait for the rest of the season it seems to be getting more intense by the episode. The one question that remains in my mind is Ryan's ties to Chino. I wonder if later this season we will see Theresa return to stir up the relationships finally back on track??


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