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Thursday, September 29, 2005

How Happy can everyone stay? I mean's the OC

So i'm am greatly anticipating tonight's episode because even through all the drama last week, it all ended on a good note. I have to say I agree with one of Melanie's earlier comments that the writers seem to be packing as much into each episode as possible. It makes me wonder what else they have in store for us this season! They really had Stacey and I fooled yesterday during the commercial break after Jimmy gets beat up. I was sure he was dead and really don't know how he even lived through it all - that was horrible!

I have to wonder how Charlotte is going to come back because as I'm sure you all know...there are no skeletons in the closet in the OC...everyone knows everything about everything.

Is this the end of the drama for this couple?? I don't think should all keep in the back of your head that Ryan still has ties in Chino...oh yea Theresa and evidently the baby she thinks belongs to Ryan...I don't doubt that just as Ryan and Marissa's romance gets heated Theresa come back into the picture shocking everyone

One last thing, I know Heather said she missed last week - well just so you all know if you ever miss an episode we tape them all at my house so just let me know and I'll get it to you as soon as possible - I wouldn't want anyone to miss out of this seasons drama!!

(Just a few more hours...Marissa's new school, and Julie Cooper, in a sleezy motel??...anyone have any ideas before the show starts??)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

"End of Innocence"

I think the title of this episode is a pretty accurate depiction of the events throughout the suspenseful goes nothing...

We first find out that probably the most amazing husband ever - Sandy Cohen, as taken over the Newport Group in light of Kirsten's absence from Newport. Let alone the stress from that, he now also has Ryan at home and suggests that he spend some time away from Marissa. Ryan, completely appaled shrugs off this suggestion but little does he know that just around the corner, Julie has the same intentions for Marissa. She also explains that her great news of the day, Julie Cooper style, is that Marissa has been accepted into the same boarding school as her sister Caitlin. When Marissa refuses, Julie finds her good intentions to keep the family together charming yet agrees not to bother her, only if she stops seeing Ryan.

While Julie is coercing Marissa into deception, Jimmy goes to the Cohen's to apologize to Sandy for all of the events over the past few weeks...but obviously Julie has been rubbing off on him because he has selfish intentions as well. Jimmy is nervous about the timing of the reading of Caleb's will because if you remember he's in limbo with loans himself.

Back at Harbor, somewhere we haven't seen in awhile, the Dean finds Seth and Summer and encourages them to show some school spirit to keep them on the good side...perhaps stage hands? Little does he know what chaos Summer and Seth can actually create.

Jimmy meets Julie for dinner and insists that the wedding should be pushed the end of the week - I dont know if anyone picked up on this but it also happens to be the day after the will is to be read. I think this is the farthest from coincidence and actually Jimmy is in this marriage not only because he loves Julie, but the possibility of a big break also. At dinner Julie also suggests not only a honeymoon in Hawaii, but a permanent residence and fresh start for the family. As soon as Julie gets home she tells Marissa and as much as she hates to leave Ryan, a chance to get her family finally together seems unatainable anywhere else.

When Ryan finds out he is completely beside himself, until Seth's insight makes him realize that he can try to convince Sandy to let Marissa move in with them. An ecstatic Ryan goes to tell Marissa but she is hesitant and insists that this could be a chance for her to start clean also. Ryan is heart broken but wants to spend the last time they have together the best way they can.

After much hesitation Kirsten returns home for the reading of the will. We find out that Caleb intented to split everything evenly between Julie and Kirsten, however one problem...all of his debt finally caught up with him and he is BROKE!!! At this point it left all my roomates wondering who was actually most in shock, Julie, Kirsten, or Jimmy who was relying on this money the most. Seth and Summer are meanwhile stealing the set from the school play and creating a real life paradise for Ryan and Marissa.

Later that night, Ryan takes Marissa to her paradise where Marissa insists she is "ready to do this" and I'll let everyone's imaginations wonder from there.

On the other side of town, on the way to the boat Jimmy is met by the man he loaned money from and taken away in a Suburban. We next see three men taking Jimmy to the water and continuously beating him up, the last we see of Jimmy before commerical is his body floating in the water...of course everyone thinks he is dead - but we are fooled once again.

Kirsten is missing since the reading of the will when all her father left her was a letter. She has her driver take her to the liquor store where she purchases a bottle of vodka and then goes to a sleezy motel and spends the night just staring at the bottle.

Marissa wakes up in Ryan's arms to a phone call from her father requesting her to immediately go to the boat. She goes and sees that he is beat up and he explains that once again he has gotten into trouble and needs to leave. Marissa understands and lets him go, with one request - that he never come back. Jimmy agrees and gives Marissa's the wedding ring intended for Julie. Marissa immediately goes to the church and gives the ring to her mom and finally they clinge to each other crying because Julie realizes she has nothing left but Marissa.

Seth and Summer return the stolen stage props to the school and just after Summer retreats to the car to get the rest, when the Dean walks in and threatens Seth with in school detention if he doesnt give up his accomplis. Seth refuses to and the Dean therefore gives him two weeks, but this is an action that proves to Summer that Seth really cares.

In the end, Kirsten returns home to big hugs from the whole family and they recap everything going on in Newport and witty Sandy responds "that's why I love this place, nothing ever happens" - i think that was the best quote of the night!

Let me know what you guys thought of everything and what might be in store for next week!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"The Shape of things to Come"

Every thursday I am supposed to have work until 8 at night, however since OC has returned I started a routine of closing the sunglass store on main street a little earlier so that I can run to my house right down the street just in time to grab dinner, and a seat on the couch before the newest episode begins. This thursday was no different, I locked and close the door, cashed out, made sure everything was cleaned up and looked at the clock to see I was right on time, 7:55...closed the door and ran across the street to see my three roomates right behind me running from their class at vita nova, all of us striving to catch every minute...

We made it just in time to watch Sandy with another poor attempt to make the boys a substantial breakfast when the doorbell rings. Sandy goes to find Julie standing at their door, and he is in complete astonishment that she could show her face after her latest scheme. She immediately defends herself by explaining that the parents are trying to have Marissa and Ryan expelled from the Harbor School. Sandy and Julie immediately retreat to speak with Dr. Kim however she explains that the decision is already out of her hands and the school has called in the Dean of Discipline. The dean, Jack Hess enters and explains that he has already reviewed both files and will have a decision at the end of the day. Sandy pleads with him because he wants to see both kids go to college but the dean shrugs him off and restates his decision will be final by the end of the day.

Jimmy meanwhile is at a business meeting with a man whom he tried to sell his boat to. The man tells him that he changed his mind and wants his deposit back...only one problem...Jimmy blew all the deposit money on a risky stock and ensures the man that as soon as Caleb's will is read he will immediately be paid.

Back at school, Summer and Marissa go to the carnival planning committee meeting to see Taylor Townsend, the perky blonde who has always been a step behind Marissa taking charge of the meeting. After some words, Taylor steps down and Marissa continues the meeting.

After school at the Cohen's Seth tries to tell Ryan that it would be in his best interest to discuss the night of the shooting with Marissa before it comes between them, Ryan ensures Seth that it is best of they just try to put it behind them. Sandy gets a call from the Dean who tells him Ryan is in the clear but it is Marissa who will be expelled. Sandy tells the boys and decides he will go visit Kirsten.

Before Sandy arrives Kirsten's new friend Charlotte catches Kirsten in the middle of packing and insists that she goes to Charlotte's lake house for awhile before going home. When Sandy arrives he gets excited to see Kirsten has already packed her bags, but then she explains she will go with Charlotte to her lake house until she feels ready to go home.

Meanwhile back in Newport, Julie comes up with a new idea...make a donation to the Harbor school to get Marissa back into school, she approaches Jimmy to write a check...only one problem that we already know - Jimmy has blown all of his money. Jimmy turns around and meets again with the man from the beginning of the show, not to pay him back yet but to borrow another hundred grand. In the meantime, Ryan and Marissa meet with the new dean and Marissa basically digs her hole deeper when she exclaims that she is proud of what she did and would do it again if she had to. Marissa has basically no chance of being readmitted to the Harbor school.

Click here to get the rest of the intimate details.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

This season started off with a bang...oh wait thats how last season ended...

Well the OC is back..and possibly better than ever. The episode opened right where we were left off with Trey being rushed to the hospital. The police are one step behind them, constantly interrogating the gang about the true events of that evening. Ryan awakes to find that this is a dream, but in reality Trey is still in a coma and actually the police and we find out that the District Attorney's office is on a lot of pressure to prosecute someone for the shooting. Even more shocking, is that they are looking to point the fingers at Ryan, not the real guilty one, Marissa.

The DA's continues to try to block Ryan into a corner and get him to admit that his intentions the night of the shooting were to actually kill his brother. The gang all continue to be questioned however no one is changing their story. Julie tells Jimmy she wants to convince Marissa to push the blame back on Ryan, and after some discussion, Jimmy realizes he is no match for his ex-wife.

Kirsten is still in the dark about the latest Newport events but is praised in her rehab group for her progress. The Dr. believes that she is well enough to return home. After the meeting, Kirsten befriends one of the other women in her therapy group and they share issues about their respective fathers. This new woman, Charlotte easily convinces Kirsten that she is not ready to go home, and she will just be tempted too much and Kirsten is easily persuaded.

Back in Newport, Trey comes out of his coma, just after Seth and Ryan leave his bedside. Back at home, the boys get a phone call telling them of Trey's progress. With Trey awake Julie thinks she has her chance to save Marissa and retreats to Trey's hospital room. She threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell the police that Ryan was the one that shot him. After his second meeting with death, Trey caves and tells the police that Ryan is at fault.

The gang finds out and retreat to Jimmy's boat to try to run before the cops can find Ryan, but they are too late. Ryan is immediately arrested, but Marissa and Summer aren't about to give up. The two of them go to the hospital dressed as candy stripers so that Marissa can talk to Trey. Trey immediately fesses that he was just trying to do the right thing and after talking to Julie he thought he did. Marissa realizes that yet again her mother has caused trauma in her life and she goes to the police with this information. Trey signs a confession that Marissa was the one that shot him because if she hadn't shot him he would have killed Ryan.

Sandy goes to the jail to pick up Ryan and they go to the hospital to find an empty bed. Ryan has one thought...the bus station. They show up just in time as Trey's bus is leaving and the brothers stare at each other for possibly one last time...

What an amazing season premiere - looks like this season is going to be great! Remember, to stay updated with this season bookmark this blog OC Obsession.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tonight is the night...and I don't mean the first night of football

Check out Fox's website for a countdown until the Season Premiere...I'm glad to see that there are more people out there just as obsessed.

Summer without the OC...

Summer is over, which means that the OC will finally return with new episodes to prime time television. Those of you dedicated fans, may have been watching the reruns all summer until season 2 was released August 23rd on DVD. If you haven't yet purchased this collection, I found the best prices at There are also some great prices for season 1, or if you haven't purchased either there are great deals if you purchase them together. Good luck and stay tuned for future updates as the new season are some updates from last season...

The season finale began with Caleb's funeral, Jimmy returning to an ecstatic Marissa...and Julie, and a troubled Kirsten turning in her glass of wine for a glass of vodka, then going straight for the whole bottle. Hailey returns to lay her father to rest and meanwhile Sandy is checking out treatment centers for Kirsten. Trey finds himself in trouble yet again, with another drug deal gone bad and Ryan asks him to leave immediately. Ryan, Seth and Sandy discuss Kirsten's drinking problems and reluctantly agree that intervention is needed before anything more serious happens. Kirsten and Hailey return from their day at the spa to find a doctor waiting to talk to Kirsten. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Julie sail off to Catalina for the day...just the two of them. Marissa is home and Summer comes by to take her out to breakfast, first forcing Marissa to break down and explain the bruises and tension with Trey. Back at the Cohen's, Sandy leaves to take Kirsten to a treatment center. Word about what really happened between Trey and Marissa gets around to Ryan and he immediately takes off to find Trey. At the Coopers, Jimmy and Julie announce they are going to give the family another try, and just as the excitement heightens, Marissa gets a phone call regarding Ryan's search for Trey. Ryan finally hunts Trey down at his house and they begin to fight. Just as Trey is about to hit Ryan over the head with a phone, Marissa grabs a gun and shoots Trey in the back...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome to the OC Obsession..

Welcome to the blog completely devoted to the OC. My name is Heather and I am a senior marketing and finance major. I can honestly admit that my love for the OC goes beyond the hour devotion every Thursday night. Between my 5 roomates and I we seem to tape every episode each season and watch it at least twice. Then again once the seasons are released on DVD we proceed to watch them over and over again. This is more than devotion...this is an obession for us. I encourage all of you that share our love for the show to comment on each episode or discuss what you think this season will bring.

In case you forgot, the season premiere is scheduled for September 8th at 8 (not 9 like previous years) so make sure to catch it, or at least set your VCR!