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Monday, November 21, 2005

The last...

Well yet another intense episode on Thursday night. Instead of going through the whole episode play by play, if you want the recap check out the recap. I want to focus this post on the upcoming news for the show and the big events in the actors lives. Big news in Peter Gallagher's life, he recently released his CD 7 days in Memphis which is available through Amazon for only $13.49. Here you can also get the various Music from The O.C. mix's. Amazon has all 5 cd's that can be purchased either seperate or together.

What is coming for the rest of the season?

Without ruining the rest of the season for anyone I just want to give you a glimpse of some things to look forward to...

Marissa struggles with ideas about her future - does she want to go to college or not? Summer has great expectations for herself which are of course shot down by none other than Taylor. Julie struggles with her alterior motives and can't decide whether to tell Kirsten about Charlotte's plan or not. Based on scenes for next week we see that someone gets hurt, rumors say that Johnny is the one that gets hit by a car and he struggles with his feelings for Marissa by pushing her away. Next month we experience my favorite time of year, Chrismukkah which I'm sure will leave us nothing but satisfied with the normal Cohen, Cooper chaotic season. Then later this season we meet Marissa's younger sister that has been at boarding school. We find that the sisters are nothing near close, and Ryan tries to play peace maker between the two. (That sounds like a role reversal to me!) There is also much drama to come as the competition for college acceptances heatens...I can't wait for the rest of the season it seems to be getting more intense by the episode. The one question that remains in my mind is Ryan's ties to Chino. I wonder if later this season we will see Theresa return to stir up the relationships finally back on track??

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Swells

This show just gets more intense. I'm going to try to sum this one up as best as possible, but there was so many different relationships tested it was amazing - well here it goes...

It starts will Marissa waking up from another nightmare about the shooting and she calls Ryan for support. Ryan, his usual uneasy self doesn't know what to say and tells her everything is fine and just to go back to bed, not exactly what Marissa wanted to hear. In the morning, Ryan gets ready for his first day back at Harbor, and Sandy and Kirsten are discussing prospective buyers for the Newport Group.

At school, Taylor discusses her newest scheme, a mandatory lock-in that weekend in the high school gym. The gang is in disbelief that she could be this desperate to make everyone's lives miserable. At Marissa's school, her friends approach her excited about the new "swells" coming in aka there are some decent waves coming in and this surf crew can't wait to party all night before surfing.

Julie goes over to her new condo to meet her roomate Charlotte who immediately throws in her newest scheme. A black tie benefit to raise money for under-priveledged women, and Charlotte knows just the person they are going to get to help them, Kirsten.

After school, Marissa goes to the beach to hang with her new friends and she starts talking to Johnny abou the nightmares. Johnny and Marissa end up goign for a walk and he tells her about his similiar experiences after some fights with his dad, the hug just in time for Johnny's girlfriend Casey to pull in the parking convenient.

The next day, Sandy meets with the prospective buyers and is willing to sell under one condition, they don't tear down the low-income housing Sandy fought for years to have built. The boss is hesitant but agrees, but Sandy does not feel settled. Later that day, he meets with the younger of the buyers and he supports Sandy's opinions that the boss will tear down anything he wants to make some money. This man, Matt convinces Sandy to hold onto the business and run it himself, Sandy just has to ask Kirsten how she feels and the deal is sealed.

Julie and Charlotte pitch their idea to Kirsten but she is extremely hesitant and at first does not want to help. A relectant Charlotte follows her inside and compells her to believe that she would be doing this to help Julie get back on her feet, and Kirsten eventually caves in. Later that night, Julie and Charlotte are at dinner and before the bill arrives Charlotte excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When the bill arrives, Julie grabs Charlotte's wallet to pay and finds several different identifications as well as credit cards, same picture but all various names. She realizes that Charlotte is actually a fraud. Julie approaches Charlotte with these findings, and Charlotte explains to Julie her plan to keep the money from the benefit then leave town, and suggests that Julie be her accompliss. Julie thinks about the idea, and her opportunity to get back on top.

Over at the beach party, Marissa introduces Summer to her new friends and they run into some enemies, Volchok, apparently Johnny's rival for sponsorship on the tour. Summer stands by and watches a blossoming connection between Marissa and Johnny and calls Ryan for support. Casey also takes note of the connection and her jealousy is evident. Ryan shows up and a surprised Marissa is confused and doesn't see the crush that Johnny has on her and plays it off as the two are just able to talk to each other. Her and Ryan get into a fight and she wanders back into the party. Later, Johnny convinces Marissa to call Ryan to find him and make up and when they head into one of the bedrooms the find Casey and Volchok making out. Johnny leaves immediately and Casey explains that is obvious to anyone to see that Johnny is falling in love with Marissa. Everyone is searching for Johnny and they find him confronting Volchok at the beach, before the can fights Ryan grabs Johnny and tells him to back off. Volchok makes a comment and Ryan punches him and they walk away.

Back at the lock-in, Seth is befriending Taylor after hearing her mother tear her down about her lack of popularity. Taylors attempts at making the lock-in a success are failing and Seth comes to her rescue with some not-so-fun games that he forces people to play and gets made fun of just as much as Taylor, but Seth can take it. There is an obvious new admiration for Seth. After all the drama at the beach, Marissa brings Summer to the lock-in and as she is pounding on the door, Taylor is on the other side pretending not to hear her, just so she can have a night with Seth to herself.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Perfect Storm

Finally its back!! After the long wait and horrible baseball playoff season (I'm a yankees fan), we finally have our show back. So what did everyone think of this weeks episode?? For those that missed it - following is your weekly recap.

Well we start to find that the break has let Kirsten take time to become a man's dream, in fact fox's summary called her a domestic goddess. She has prepared a gourmet breakfast for the Cohen house and insists everyone sit to eat much to their dismay. Sandy receives a phone call and after the boys leave we find out that there is a college fair at the Harbor School that evening and Sandy wants Ryan to attend, however Dean Hess as usual ruins it by attaching a letter to Ryan's transcripting documenting his violent nature. Obviously no reputable school in their right mind would accept Ryan with that sort of note.

At school, Summer is peering over Taylor who seems to be engaged in quite the flirty text messaging conversation, Summer tries to persuade Seth that its Dean Hess but Seth cannot be convinced. But as we all know, when Summer gets an idea in her head she goes strong to prove it. She follows Taylor around a bit and when Taylor accuses her of being obsessed, Summer drops a little story about how she saw the Dean kissing one of the teachers and watches Taylor squirm, now she knows its true. After school, Summer tries to convince Marissa that she should attend the college fair, however Marissa explains she isnt worried about her future, rather just wants to get her homework finished. At the college fair, Ryan is feeling very out of place but tries to brush it off and talk to some representatives. He is interrupted when he sees Sandy and the Dean in a heated discussion. Ryan walks over just in time to hear the news about the letter Hess had attached to his transcript, and leaves immediately.

Back at home, Kirsten is trying to help Julie and shows her brochures for some of the luxury condos in the area and Charlotte stops by. She takes a look at the brouchures and its obvious that she is thinking something devious.

The next morning, Seth wanders over to the pool house to find that Ryan has cancelled his tutor and is looking at new directions for his life, perhaps a full time job. Seth expresses his concern to Summer but she has a greater plan, still working on the Dean and Taylor affair. After Marissa explains the situation to Johnny, he takes it upon himself to help Ryan out. He seeks him out in the diner and explains that his uncle owns a commercial fishing boat and is always looking for help. Ryan jumps at the idea and later shows up for dinner with a guardian waiver for Sandy to sign in order for him to get the job. A reluctant Sandy signs the form, convinced that this is just a phase and Ryan with realize what is better for him.

The same day, Julie is touring the new oceanview condo when an unexpected guest arrives. Charlotte, she actually bought the condo before Julie even had a chance to respond. Later Charlotte shows up at Julie's not so luxurious motel room with the keys to the condo. She explains she bought it for Julie and just needs it for the short periods of time she is in town. A weary Julie takes the keys and thinks of them as a glimpse to her future on the bright side.

Over at Summer's, Seth walks in finally convinced to help Summer and they agree to text message Taylor to convince her to meet at the Mermaid motel, well she thinks she will meet Dean Hess.

Sandy and Kirsten offer to cook Ryan one last home meal before he ventures off to sea, hopefully convincing him one last time to stay. Marissa and Summer come over and the tension between Marissa and Ryan could have been cut with a knife. She obviously feels as though Ryan is walking out on her again and this time is putting up a fight.

The next morning, Ryan is about to get on the boat when Marissa shows up and says everything she feels. Ryan is acting just like her father did, running away, leaving on a boat, and it didnt get him anywhere, so that makes Ryan just a big a coward. (OUCH!)

Over at the motel, Taylor shows up just as scheduled,"the shark took the bait" as Seth says. Summer and Seth use this to their advantage and call Sandy right away. Sandy visits Dean Hess and explains the situation. Well a bit tainted version of the situation, but anyway explains he will go to the board unless Ryan is let back into school. At this point Dean has no choice and agrees.

Seth and Summer wander to the diner to find an upset Marissa, no idea that she had left Ryan about to board the boat. They are in shock that he walked out and all their work has been worthless, but then Ryan walks in and the gang enjoys time together again.